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    LAT Science is a new high-tech company. The company owns a gold sales team with rich experience and timely & high efficiency. our mission is providing solution to Life Scientific Research, whilst, our prospect is becoming a professional company in Life Science Laboratory Service Field in the world.

    LAT Science provides research equipment and support for life science researchers. We are proud to be able to celebrate 10+ years servicing the needs of the Life Science Industry. We will continue to respond to the demands for new technology and commit to provide products that assist you. Together with our unique products and hand picked selection of products, we believe you will find everything you need. If you cannot locate an item, let us know and we'll find it for you or develop it for you. We pledge to ensure our products are of the highest quality and our service and prices second to none. Together we can move towards new medical milestones.

     The major products include Animal Toys, Instruments, Individual Ventilated Cages(IVC), large-scale rigid plastic/soft plastic sterile isolator, stainless steel sterile operational isolator, stainless steel chicken isolator, SPF laminar flow cabinet, as well as stainless steel series cages for rabbit, monkey, dog, cat, mouse, rat, guinea pig and the central exhaust ventilation cage system. Some products independent researched and developed by the company has reached the international level. Products of the company are sold to all over the country, occupying a business in domestic market and are also exported to countries such as US, UK, Japan, Mauritius and so on. The quality of products is up to international standard and is well appraised by foreign merchants.

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Lab Animals
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Animal Cage
Animal Welfare
Veterinary Equipment
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Scientific Instrument
Reagents Consumable
Recommend Product
  • Beagle
  • Cynomologus Monkey
  • Rhesus Mongkey
  • Mouse wheel system
  • Rat running platform
  • Operating Table / anatomical table for rats and mice
  • Rat EVC feeding system
  • Animal Marker
  • Rodent Nest Material
  • Dental Ball
  • Squeaky starfish
  • Monkey Tags
  • Cold light products
  • Mouse tail vein injection imaging system
  • Animal thermos cabinet(after Operation)
  • Animal Respiratory System
  • Animal Anesthesia System
  • Animal Operating Table
  • Animal water bath thermal insulation system (intraoperative and postoperative)
  • Animal Cryostat (intraoperative and postoperative)
  • Basic surgical instrument set
  • Skin Marker
  • Mouse Transfer Tube